About Ends Meat

ENDS MEAT is a a tale of madness, mystery, and the macabre, set in the UK city of Manchester over the course of one night. The film packs in multiple locations, and characters, pushing the boundaries of short film as far as it can.

The film mixes genres from Brit-Grit to Horror-Noir, and promises to be a spine-tingling and supremely entertaining short that will delight horror connoisseurs and film fans alike.

'A devoted father is haunted by a horrific secret; the result of a dark proposition from deep within the shadows of the city's underworld.'

Our protagonist Pete found himself unable to say no when a chance encounter resulted in a proposition that would solve all of his financial woes. It would ultimately prove to be the greatest in a long line of mistakes however, as his moral code is shattered beyond repair. A good man driven to do very bad things, Pete clings to the hope that the end is now in sight.

Writer Kris Heys and Director Helen Lyons-Curran met many years ago whilst tending counter in an independent video store (remember those?), where they bonded over their mutual passion for genre film. Eventually it led Kris into film journalism and script editing, and Helen to Film School. Now they've re-teamed to pay tribute to the horror classics they used to peddle from behind that very counter!

"I first heard about ENDS MEAT many years ago over some irresponsibly late night beers. Kris (Heys), the writer, pitched the idea, but neither of us were in any position to make the project a reality, and it was promptly filed away with an eye to hopefully revisit it in the future. Fast forward to 2016, and although the late night beer sessions have diminished (well, for me that is, I can't speak for Kris), the passion for the story had not." - Helen Lyons-Curran.

Helen will be collaborating on ENDS MEAT (2016) with regular Composer Graham J. Davison, and accomplished Director of Photography Craig Murfin. The team have announced their funding campaign on INDIEGOGO. They are searching for contributors, as well as investors and executive producers. They have set out to raise 4000 in funding which will enable them to shoot the film and cover post production and distribution costs.

"A film really is built in the post production process, it's where the jigsaw pieces come together and the film springs to life. This is why we want to ensure to not only cover the costs of principle photography, but to cover all aspects of post production to the highest standard." - Helen Lyons-Curran.

ENDS MEAT can be found throughout the web at;

IndieGoGo: http://igg.me/at/endsmeat/x/13144709

Twitter: @EndsMeatMovie

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/endsmeatmovie/?fref=ts

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEbcWNZsfio

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/endsmeat/